who we are


Green News Update  is an international web site and blog that started in 2004 as an email newsletter  to hundreds of institutions and early adopters of green practices. Today, we reach readers and visitors in more than 110 countries.

We love nature and urban life, cities (big and small), untouched places, travel and the pleasures of quiet contemplation.  We promote the idea that it makes sense to leave as small a footprint as possible:

Want less, consume less, use less, share more, leave more for the next generation.

Our publisher/editor focuses on conservation, green design and sustainability issues that affect people and places all over the world.  She’s been a  magazine editor, communications advisor and fund-raiser for the Smithsonian, Nature Conservancy, Napa Valley Vintners, Red Wiggler Farm, museums and gardens. And she’s a civic activist on regional and national issues — Washington D.C. and suburban Maryland are her beat.

We welcome your feedback and ideas. Please feel free to send a message with your thoughts and help us grow into a premier source of news and information!

Bobbie Faul-Zeitler, Publisher & Editor