MBA’s: Do they care about enviro issues?

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How do the world’s top  Master’s in Business Administration programs stack up in addressing environmental, ethical and social concerns?

Over the past decade, the Aspen Institute has conducted Beyond Grey Pinstripes, a biennial survey and alternative ranking of business schools,  to evaluate whether MBA students come out better prepared to address the realities of a global economy fraught with complex ethical, social and environmental concerns. Read more

Data for the 2011-2012 report were collected on courses and activities for two academic years (August 2009-June 2011). Approximately 12,000 courses and faculty research abstracts and 4,000 examples of institutional support (e.g. extracurriculars, joint degree opportunities) were compile and reviewed.

Programs were ranked based on relevant coursework, student exposure,  business impact and faculty research.  After reviewing 149 schools in 22 countries ( Europe, US, Asia, Australia. South America),  Aspen selected the Top 100 for 2011-2012See the rankings

Trends over time:

  • 38% increase since 2009 in number of required courses (finance) that include social/ethical/environmental concerns.
  • 79% of schools surveyed in 2011 (vs 34% in 2001) require taking a course dedicated to business/society issues.
  • 36% of schools researched for 2011-12 are outside the US.

Complete database for all participating schools