World Water Day 2015: Mar 22

Grand Canyon Colorado River courtesy NPS

Grand Canyon Colorado River courtesy NPS. Yes, it’s fresh water diverted for human consumption and agriculture. By the time it reaches the Gulf of Mexico, there just a trickle.

World Water Day: Here’s one day when you can ease off of your water consumption, but skipping your shower is not the big thing –it’s meat consumption. The United Nations says the average American uses 7500 liters of water daily (sounds like a lot to me), but that figure goes way up when you eat meat. According to the UN, a “steak dinner for two requires 15,000 liters of water” (that’s from cradle to grave for the cow and its food supply). So give water a break today — and skip the meat.

Want other ideas and tips? Check out World Water Day web site and 5 top tips from TIME (Magazine).

This spring, Green News Update will be covering several important water themes— including threats of rising water (both fresh and saltwater incursions along coastal lands and deltas) and how water for industry and agriculture is a major threat to our fresh water supply worldwide.

Ground beef Courtesy of USDA and Wiki

Skip the burger today!  Courtesy of USDA and Wiki


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