Earth Heroes: Coming Up

Earth Heroes: They’ve traveled from Antarctica to the Amazon, they are activists, scientists, researchers, supremely talented writers and photographers, people who want to make a difference — and they are!

Do you recognize them? If so, you’re a savvy traveler in the world of natural science and sustainability. If you don’t,  come back to us in the days ahead to learn their stories, hear their words, and be inspired!

Jason Box, glaciologist, dark snow follower, climate expert

Berita Caceres (right), daughter of Berta Caceres, continuing her mother’s legacy in Honduras

Science is not a liberal conspiracy tee shirt – Dr Neil DeGrasse Tyson of the American Museum of Natural History


Dr Edward O. Wilson (photo by Henry Leutwyler, courtesy of Audubon Magazine) , scientist and author of over 20 books!


“Canopy Meg” — Dr Margaret Lowman, whose work in the rainforest canopy reveals new secrets of life.

Joel Sartore

Joel Sartore – Creator of the Photo Ark project, a voice against extinction

These explorers of our world take risks we wouldn’t — and where would we be without them ? Come back for Earth Heroes during Earth Week 2017.