RISING WATERS: Trends & Predictions

Heavy rains• By 2070, almost all cities in the top 10 exposure to flooding risk category will be located in developing countries (particularly in China, India and Thailand).

• As many as 200 million people will be displaced by climate change by 2050.

• Sea level rise and its associated impacts will, by the 2080s, affect five times as many coastal residents as they did in 1990.

• Today around 40 million people live in a 100-year flood plain. By 2070, the population living at this risk level could rise to 150 million people. The estimated financial impact of a 100-year flood would also rise from US $3 trillion in 1999 to US $38 trillion in that time.

• In Latin America, 12-81 million residents could experience increased water stress by the 2020s. By the 2050s this number could rise to 79-178 million.

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