Books for the Holidays: Coming Up!

Now I Sit Me Down Witold Rybczynski

Now I Sit Me Down Witold Rybczynski

Coming up! Books to give or get for the holidays — we will bring you a selection of our picks in the arts, design, natural history and more for 2016.

Genius-of-Birds book cover ackerman

Don’t forget that Green News Update has published a half-dozen articles this year with a great selection in many categories. Below are the easy links to get to them. You’ll find author interviews, book reviews, and excerpts to help you decide!

Bonus 10 Books Architecture & Design

Books Summer ’16 Ten More You’ll Like

Books Summer ’16: Ten You’ll Like

The Sea and its Abundance (Books for World Oceans Day)

Gift Books 2015 Our Pick of the Best

To find more books from 2015, just go to our Categories and select “Books.” 

Come back soon for our holiday book selections.