Coming Up: Earth Day 2020

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Earth Day is 50 years old in 2020– but unlike any time in memory, a worldwide pandemic demonstrates just how out of balance our planet is in the 21st century. Just think of what we are witnessing: a zoonotic killer virus in 140 countries, rampant devastation from wildfires in Australia, severe and unexpected weather events, inhumane wildlife markets, serious human rights abuses.

We must crawl or fight our way out of the chaos with good science, data-driven thinking, compassion and collaboration.

Green News Update will give you a roundup of Environmental Heroes for 2020 — just as we have done over the past 5 years– people who serve, sacrifice, inspire.

Surgical facility operated by MSF.

Surgical facility operated by MSF.

While you’re waiting for our 2020 roundup,  here are the people we celebrated in 2019:

Doctors without Borders: Thousands of medical professionals at Doctors without Borders/MSF  serve and care for people where others won’t go in disasters and conflicts.

The Coffee Women of Kenya: A woman leads 5,500 Kenyan agricultural smallholders who grow our coffee beans!

Courtesy of the

Arabica beans, Courtesy of the

Hansjorg Wyss’s Billion Dollar Investment in Conservation

The Dominican Sisters Saving Salamanders 

Achoque at a fisheries research center in Mexico.

Achoque at a fisheries research center in Mexico.

Berta Caceres Courtesy of Truthdig

Berta Caceres Courtesy of Truthdig

PLUS:  Here’s 10 fabulous people we celebrated on Earth Day 2017 on the 5th Anniversary of Green News Update 

This year’s roundup will be here soon !

Hang on!Stay Safe!