RISING WATERS: Parts I-IV and bonus

Hurricane Sandy Courtesy of NASA Godard

This multi-part series on climate change and severe weather threats (especially flooding) was first posted just after Hurricane Sandy blew through the northeastern US in October 2012. 

In fact, many of the stories and scientific/technical resources are years in the making. Threats that are putting people in innumerable cities, urban deltas, coastal lands and low-lying island nations at severe risk have been around for years.  Rising waters, increased severe weather events, tsunamis and storm surges are all part of the critical issue of rising waters in cities and urban areas where some 70% of the world’s population are expected to live within a generation.

Whether it is encroaching seas, sinking land, extreme weather or the intrusion of salt water into freshwater aquifers, millions of people worldwide are at risk of losing their land, their livelihood or their life from rising waters.

Our coverage looks at four areas (plus a bonus feature) 

Trends and predictions: Cities & Climate Change: Global Report on Human Settlements (2011) UN Human Habitat Program. Link to post

Cities/places at risk: maps, videos and interactives show trends and change. Link to post.

Ideas and solutions: From fantasy to fortification, a dozen examples of using planning, urban design and engineering to address rising waters in cities and deltas (Rotterdam, London, Hamburg), communities and island states. Link to post.

Research & Reports: For planners, architects, public officials and educators, a sampler of reports and studies with science-based analysis and recommendations. Link to post.

Bonus feature: The Dutch have lived below sea level for centuries – and have taken a pounding with brutal North Sea storms. Dutch water management experts have tremendous knowledge – not to mention experience – that should be tapped to forestall or lessen the impact of super storms and hurricanes on the United States’ East Coast and the Gulf. Read the stories 

The 1953 Flood: Oude-Tonge Goeree-Overflakkee flooding

The Netherlands’ devastating 1953 Flood: Oude-Tonge Goeree-Overflakkee flooding